Sports equipment at home


There are people who exercise without using any special equipment: they just run, jump, do push-ups, pump their abs... Do you know what makes them different, apart from good health? They are very disciplined. They don't need extra motivation to do morning exercises, they do them anyway. What about you?

Sports equipment at home
Personally, at some point I realized that in order to regularly engage in at least some kind of physical activity, you need to have something athletic in the house, so to speak, to bother my eyes. Now here is a massage hoop from behind the crib peeks and whispers: "Spin it, spin it, see, by spring the waist will be found..." On the way to the kitchen jib with a rope loom: the rope - for children, but the chinning bar to hang - nice thing. And in the corner of the room and a formidable horned machine settled: how not to do sports here?

So let's analyze what kind of sports equipment is necessary to get, so it would safely fit into your apartment and your life.

Let's start with small and compact. There is such a funny thing: a balancer. An inflatable disc, better with massage spikes on the surface. It will practically take up no space, but try to stand on it in the morning for 5-10 minutes in bare feet (you can do in parallel an easy exercise for your neck and hands, or just wash your face and brush your teeth), and you will be energized, because you will have to keep a little balance, keeping the balance, which means that it works both your muscles and brain. A foot massage as a bonus.

If you want to move more actively, you can buy a step-platform. A step up - a step down, nothing tricky, and as a result - slender legs, trim glutes, and the "fiery motor" is in order. You can, of course, use in the same capacity a couple of volumes of BSE, but with a comfortable and non-slip apparatus, believe me, to do better. At the end of the workout easily slid under the bed.

Very compact skipping rope, but not every apartment will be able to jump without damaging the surroundings. Less demanding to the place halahoop: dear ladies, remember about this wonderful thing! The waist and hips will say "thank you. From the massage hoop at first there can be bruises, but it is a matter of a couple of weeks of training - but then the effect is more noticeable than the usual.

If you also want to pump up your muscles, you cannot do without dumbbells or weights. For home use collapsible dumbbells with variable weight are convenient. Alas, they are not always aesthetically beautiful. Cast dumbbells look much neater, and the choice of coverings is wider, comfortable for grip, in a word, if there is a place to store them you can choose 2-3 pairs of unassembled dumbbells, including those to match the color of the interior.

Dumbbells are more compact and can serve as an alternative to fitness dumbbells: their weight, alas, is not enough for more. And even for home weight training can adapt various expanders and "body bars" (this analogue of a gymnastic stick, only weighted).

Concluding conversation about the compact equipment, I will remind you about the horizontal bar. Almost in any apartment you can find an opening where a horizontal bar will not hurt. Even if you just hang from time to time on the bar, a spine that is tired from sitting will feel better. Well, and a man of any age ability to pull up a endless number of times on the bar noticeably increases self-esteem.

Sports equipment at home
If the area allows and you have the most determined attitude, you can look at simulators. The presence of the simulator in the house is able to strongly motivate the athletic feats - especially if the trainer is successfully selected.

More at home look and are rightly considered cardio machines: steppers, exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical and rowing machines. Stappers and rowing machines in this list are the most compact, but also the most limited in terms of the number of muscles involved. Bicycle trainers and treadmills are the most popular. Although I personally have a skeptical attitude to treadmills for home. First, in order not to run on the nerves of the neighbors below, you need a good shock absorption, and this advantage, even when standing on a special mat, have only expensive models. Secondly, running - not the best exercise because of the shock load on the joints. And finally, the dimensions of the average treadmill for home are not designed for people over 1.70 m.

Exercise bikes with vertical seating are good for their compactness and affordable prices. You put it in a corner with a view of the TV set and you can lose extra weight unnoticed and strengthen your heart by watching your favorite TV show. The main thing is that the height of a steering wheel and a seat allows not to twist your back.

In general, of course, I am in favor of ellipsoids. They work almost all muscles at once, the load is very soft... But they take up a lot of space in the house. Twice as much as a stationary bike. There are, however, folding models, but they are few, and they are not cheap.

People also buy strength-training equipment at home. But here the reason must be either a very strong desire to "work out", or medical conditions to strengthen a particular muscle group, or the equipment of a real home gym - why not, after all...

It is not necessary to strive to buy all the sports equipment at once. Pick one thing to start with, try putting it on display and start using it regularly. And if it goes well... Spilled with pleasure sweat sports equipment in the house multiplies like mushrooms after rain. God grant that all go to good use!

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