Yamaguchi treadmill

Yamaguchi treadmill

Official dealer of Yamaguchi. Treadmill Yamaguchi height 4,7 cm treadmill Yamaguchi in the online store of Sports medicine, buy slim treadmill Yamaguchi without handles and handrails. Free delivery. 1 year warranty.

Yamaguchi Runway

Yamaguchi Runway treadmill - take the first step to health and longevity. The Yamaguchi Runway is th..

44,000₽ Ex Tax: 44,000₽

Yamaguchi Runway Pro

Flat treadmill Yamaguchi Runway Pro is a treadmill with an additional handrail and the ability to re..

63,750₽ Ex Tax: 63,750₽

Yamaguchi Runway Pro Gold

Thin Yamaguchi Runway Pro Gold treadmill. Limited edition Gold created specifically for fans of ligh..

65,250₽ Ex Tax: 65,250₽