Unix Air

Unix Air

Official dealer of Maxstar Industrial Co Ltd Korea. The unit pressure therapy and lyphodrainage Unix Air. UNIX pressotherapy in the online store "Sports medicine". To buy a unit of pressure and Air lyphodrainage Unix, cuffs and extenders for home pressure Unix and beauty salon. Free delivery. 1 year warranty

Unix Air Smart

Unix Air Smart device for pressotherapy feet is a 4 chamber device designed for use in the home and ..

20,900₽ Ex Tax: 20,900₽

Unix Air Relax

The pressotherapy unit for Unix Air Relax home is designed to improve the overall vascular blood flo..

27,900₽ Ex Tax: 27,900₽

Unix Air Control

Unix Air Control apparatus of home pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage is specially adapted for ..

34,900₽ Ex Tax: 34,900₽

Unix Air arm cuff

Arm cuff Air Unix is intended for use with four-channel devices of Unix Maxstar Air. Arm cuff weight..

7,500₽ Ex Tax: 7,500₽