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Buy massager Theragun G3 Pro can be in the online store Sports medicine, the official dealer of Theragun in the Russian Federation. The American company Theragun in 2019 introduced the device of the third generation. The G3 massager Pro applies technology vibrotherapy for the treatment of muscle pain, relaxation and restoration. The package includes a massager Theragun G3 Pro: case for transportation, two lithium-ion batteries, charger, a set of 6 nozzles and a bag for accessories. The massager Theragun G3 Pro uses a unique technology that combines the synchronization of three parameters: amplitude, frequency and torque. Adjusting the angle of inclination, allows you to use the massager Theragun G3 Pro for different areas of the body, it is possible to install different nozzles.

Due to the light weight of the massager Theragun G3 Pro , it can be used at field competitions, training camps, sanatoriums and dispensaries at home. The Theragun G3PRO massager has two operating speeds of 2400 and 1750 rpm. with a rod oscillation amplitude of 16 mm with a force of up to 27 kg. the operating Time of each lithium-ion battery is 75 minutes. The weight of the vibrating massager is 1.32 kg. the Size is 26 x 20 x 7 cm. The massager Theragun G3 Pro gently and deeply affects the muscles without causing pain, prevents muscle spasms, destroys scar tissue, improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue. Massager Theragun G3 PRO is used to prevent and treat muscle injuries, speeds up recovery processes. The use of the new motor in the G3 Pro massager has reduced noise by 50% and increased battery life by 60% compared to the previous model. The massager Theragun G3 Pro third generation has been completely redesigned.

Buy massager Theragun G3 Pro with a set of supplies can be in the online store "Sports medicine". Pickup is carried out from 1400 points of delivery of the transport company SDEK and "Russian Post", courier delivery is possible. The equipment comes with a 1-year warranty and payment of all customs duties.

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