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Our store massagers. Experience of life and work - online store massagers. The two friends met 30 years after graduation. Behind work and family, grown children. Vlad and Andrew. In youth they together started in trade. Business at the dawn of perestroika-stalls in the metro station "Komsomolskaya" and "Sukharevskaya". After the 1998 crisis and life threw them. Vlad graduated from the Institute of physical education, worked in the food trade, cars, was engaged in the repair of roads, became Deputy Director of the basketball sports school. Andrey worked in the telephone company then was the chief of ZHEK, the chief of a boiler room. And in 2017 they met by chance. Remembered youth, appreciated the past years. They decided to turn back time-to engage in trade, as in his youth.

And now there was this project-online store massagers "Sports medicine". Vlad engaged in the selection of suppliers, became a dealer of products of innovative foreign companies, established logistics and engaged in reporting. Vlad's father is a famous basketball player, he is familiar with many in the Soviet and Russian basketball, it helped to find direct suppliers and get low prices. Andrew took on the job of making pictures, writes articles and is engaged in the warehouse. Let's see if that reckless time when we were happy, had nothing serious to think about and were young will come back.

We have normal prices and guaranteed quality. We've lived here all our lives and there's nowhere to go. In case of breakage will help. Buy from us, support our project-shop massagers. Now a little bit for promotion-it's for search robots, do not read what is in brackets (massager shop is the online store massagers, people can buy a massager in the store, buy massagers in the online store, store foot massagers, back massagers store, online store back massagers, online store neck massagers). Order from us, we are serious people. Will bring for free in Moscow, will send on Russia. We're not adventurous and we pay our taxes. Buy from us, the prices are the same for all!