PowerPlay therapy

PowerPlay therapy

PowerPlay is made in the USA. PowerPlay cold compression therapy combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy. Provides optimal results during cryotherapy, pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage procedures. Official dealer of PowerPlay. Delivery in Russia for free. 1 year warranty.

PowerPlay Calf Massager Kit

Apparatus for pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage of the legs PowerPlay Calf Massager Kit is use..

35,000₽ Ex Tax: 35,000₽

PowerPlay Standard Kit

PowerPlay Standard Kit the standard kit includes the optimal set of accessories for the operation of..

60,000₽ Ex Tax: 60,000₽

PowerPlay Pro Pack

PowerPlay apparatus for local cryotherapy at home and a set of Pro Pack accessories. PowerPlay Pro P..

169,000₽ Ex Tax: 169,000₽

PowerPlay All Start Kit

PowerPlay All Start Kit set for professionals, includes our most popular bandages. Compression heat ..

184,000₽ Ex Tax: 184,000₽