Massage mattress

Massage mattress

Official dealer. Massage mattress to buy in the online store "Sports medicine". Massage mattress with Yamaguchi and US Medica remote control. Free delivery. 1 year warranty.

Yamaguchi Axiom Wave

Yamaguchi Axiom Wave massage mattress has four automatic massage programs. The program SMART study o..

28,000₽ Ex Tax: 28,000₽

US Medica Ocean PRO

Massage mattress US Medica Ocean PRO is easy to manage and does not require special skills. It does ..

49,900₽ Ex Tax: 49,900₽

US Medica Ocean MA-190

Massage mattress US Medica Ocean MA-190 eliminates the feeling of tension in the joints and muscles,..

56,000₽ Ex Tax: 56,000₽