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Hypervolt Case for storage and transportation of hyperice HyperVolt massager. We are official dealers of the American company HyperIce. Buy case HyperVolt Case can be in our store Intenet Sports medicine. HyperIce case contains a storage compartment of the apparatus of the massager, battery and four attachments for different massage. Instead of a spare battery, you can put the power supply in the bag. HyperVolt Case is made in the form of a rectangular suitcase with a handle, lockable with a zipper. On the top cover of the case is written in large font HyperVolt, below the smaller font is the name of the manufacturer of the device for massage HyperIce. The case is made of high quality materials, has a stylish look and will protect the massager from dust and light rain. It is a necessary and practical thing.

Hypervolt massager is stored in a packing box, which eventually loses its appearance and looks unpresentable. This problem will be solved by a stylish case of HyperVolt Case. The bag has a dark graphite color, nice look. Usually the massager is transported in packaging, sports bags or without packaging, which can lead to damage or loss of components. For transportation of the bustline, keeping components and attachments HyperVolt Case fit perfectly.

Buy HyperVolt case can be in our online store Sports medicine. Pickup and courier delivery is carried out from the points of delivery of the transport company SDEK 1400 pickup points located in many cities of Russia. Case for hyperice HyperVolt massager can be obtained using the services of "Russian Post" and its own delivery service in Moscow and the Moscow region. We are official dealers of products of the American company HyperIce. The equipment comes with a 1-year warranty and payment of all customs duties.

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