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HyperVolt Plus percussion massager apparatus, thirty percent more powerful than its predecessor percussion massager HyperVolt. Device for vibratory massage HyperVolt Plus modern Glide°. The device is supplied with five interchangeable heads (plug, bullet, flat, soft and round). Quiet and cordless modern device HyperVolt Plus percussion apparatus massager helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Powerful 90 Watt motor, high torque percussion apparatus HyperVolt Plus you'll be a silent glide. Percussion apparatus Plus series relieves muscle pain and stiffness, improves range of motion. Massage with the help of percussion apparatus HyperVolt Plus improves blood circulation, accelerates warm-up and recovery.

The size of the percussion device HyperVolt Plus is 237 mm x 161 mm x 63.5 mm. the weight of the massager - 1,36 kg. supplied with one rechargeable Li-ion battery voltage of 24 Volts, running about two and a half hours without recharging. Built-in pressure sensor technology, during therapy with the help of percussion apparatus HyperVolt Plus, gives visual feedback throughout the massage process. A pressure sensor is installed, the user can see what resistance he exerts on his massager and on the muscles. The Plus series percussion instrument operates at one of three possible speeds of 30, 40, and 53 beats per minute. Hypervolt Plus is available in matte black, unlike the famous silver color of its predecessor, the Hypervolt massager.

Buy percussion apparatus HyperVolt Plus at an affordable price in Moscow and throughout Russia, you can in any convenient way in our online store. Delivery throughout Russia. 1400 pickup points in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Your city. Shop "Sports medicine" - the official dealer of HyperIce. The equipment comes with a 1 year warranty and payment of all customs duties.

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HyperIce Raptor

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