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HyperVolt massager is a device for percussion vibration massage of the American company HyperIce. Hypervolt massager is a fifth generation system that is designed for vibro massage and therapeutic muscle recovery. Using its own technology, the company HyperIce has installed on the massager HyperVolt percussion massage engine with large torque, which makes up to 3200 beats per minute. This minimizes muscle pain and improves blood circulation. The impact penetrates into the deep layers of muscle fibers. The HyperVolt massager has a three-speed motor that allows you to vary the load on certain muscle groups.

HyperVolt massager percussion vibrating apparatus for massage is a simplified version of the device HyperIce Raptor. Unlike the HyperIce Raptor, the HyperVolt massager works from the built-in battery, at a price much cheaper than the first one. Battery life depends on the load and is up to 3 hours. The set includes 4 replaceable nozzles. Apparatus for percussive vibratory massage HyperIce HyperVolt not heavy, weighs 1.1 kg. unlike similar devices, such as Theragan G2 and its modifications Theragan G3 pro massager HyperVolt is much quieter. To store the vibration massager, you can buy a special case, which is sold separately.

Buy vibromassager HyperIce HyperVolt at a reasonable price can be in the online store "Sports medicine". Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. 1400 pickup points in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Your city. We are official dealers of products of the American company HyperIce. The equipment comes with a 1-year warranty and payment of all customs duties.

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HyperIce Raptor

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