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Game Ready device for local cryotherapy. Cold treatment and compression with simultaneous application bring the dynamics of treatment to a new level. The complete unit Game Ready cryotherapy, hose, bandage on the selection and the transport bag. Provides cryotherapy by setting the desired temperature and pulsating compression. With the help of cuffs and bandages fixed on different parts of the body. Cryotherapy (cold treatment) is a physiotherapy procedure, the action of which is based on the body's response to hypothermia of the outer layer of the skin. Cold and compression apparatus for local cryotherapy Game Ready is used in procedures for traumatic injuries and for rehabilitation after injuries.

Cryotherapy reduces pain, reduces spasms, soft tissue tumors and the likelihood of tissue damage. Compression apparatus for local cryotherapy Game Ready displaces excess fluid from the tissues of the injured area, which helps to reduce the resulting edema, active compression allows the cold to penetrate deeper and longer affect the affected area. For cryotherapy apparatus Game Ready uses ordinary ice from the freezer. Cooling temperature from 1.1 to 15.6 degrees Celsius in increments of 1.1 degrees. Compression 15, 50 or 75 mm The compact size of 19x40x20 cm and a light weight of 3.3 kg. Bag for transportation and battery power, will allow to use the device for local cryotherapy Game Ready in training, during the match, at home and carry with you.

With the help of a double hose (optional), you can use two bandages for different parts of the body or two people at the same time. Cryotherapy machine Game Ready has 6 pre-installed programs, which allows you to configure the cryotherapy device for the needs and characteristics of a particular person. Buy cryotherapy machine Game Ready at a reasonable price you can in the online store "Sports medicine". Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. 1400 pickup points in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Your city. We are official dealers of products of the American company Game Ready. The equipment comes with a 1-year warranty and payment of all customs duties.

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